A Turkish Ferman of 1864 allowed the construction of the church. It was built in 1880 by Usta Gencho Kanchev from the town of Tryavna. Master Kancho has built over 50 churches. The whole population took part with materials, money and labor. They gathered a bag of gold to buy the land. All icons are paid by patrons. The iconostasis and the icons are painted by the master – icon-painter Rusalim Dichov (Grandpa Rusko) from Debarsko. He settled with his family in the village of Vratza (today Stefanovo) and together with his wife Rumyana they painted many of the houses with Alafranga murals.

In Staro Stefanovo you can see: The village fountain (1830), Popov spring, Popov bridge (1824 by master Marin Hristov), ​​Penchova stena waterfalls, the chapel in the base of the trunk of the 1300-year-old oak, that burnt recently, which has been used for centuries as a chirch). You can walk, take a picture or just breathe. Possibilities for food and accommodation: hotel, private houses, pub, shop.